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黑迈P-Press高速度纯棉数码直喷腾讯三分彩全天计划Technical parameter

High quality mode: 720*1440dpi 30m2 / hour

Standard mode: 360*1440dpi 60 m2 / h

High-speed mode: 360*720dpi 120m2 / h

Feed method: automatic release, the collection of cloth tensioning system can be selected

Ink: 4 colors, 6 colors, 8 colors optional, supporting paint, activity and heat sublimation ink

RIP: Texprint, seeget, Photoprint, etc

Size: 2100*2400*1500mm

Sprinkler head: KONICA KM1024IMAE-C 13 PIP

Specifications: the widest 1.85 meters, the length is unlimited

Category: cotton, silk, wool, cashmere, dacron, acrylic and other fabrics

Total power: 5.5 kilowatts

Weight: 1300 kg

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